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Self-Care for Women Over Fifty

Self-Care Bath Champagne
Self Care Bath Champagne

Starting the Self-Care = Health Care journey

What comes to mind when you think about self-care for women over fifty – getting a mani/pedi, meeting friends for a glass of wine and maybe a nice relaxing bath?  Self-care is and should be so much more.  I hope that after reading this you’ll understand the importance of self-care to your overall health and well-being, and that you will be ready to incorporate self-care into your daily routine.

Self-care for women over fifty is one of the first topics I wanted to write about when I started this community.  Not to join in on the latest buzzword or to be indulgent.  I wanted to write about self-care because I feel that many women, especially those over fifty, view self-care as a guilty pleasure, or something that’s for others, not ourselves, or that we can’t possibly have time to indulge in something that on the surface may not feel all that important. 

Self Care Bath Salts

But I’m here to tell you that self-care can and should be a cornerstone of your regular health care practice.  We are so fortunate to have lived a life as long as we have but it doesn’t come without some real trials, stress and pressure.  Stress is known to be a significant factor in physical, mental and emotional health issues.  This is one important area where self-care can help support your health care – by providing daily opportunities to reduce the noise, stress and pressures that are a part of life.

Self-Care Equals Health Care

This concept of self-care = health care took me a long, long time to not only understand but to believe, put in to practice and then see the true benefits.  It was just a couple of years ago that a much younger man scurried out of my office telling everyone on his way “I’m leaving for the day for some self-care.”  I was taken aback – yes, we were working in a very stressful environment…but never would I have considered leaving the office for a few hours to take a break FOR SELF-CARE. 

At the time I thought it was unprofessional and odd – but I’ve come to look back on that situation and understand that he knew what was best for him and it was such a good decision – taking a break when needed.  And I love that we can learn something profound from a younger generation.

Note: Click Here to read an article with great tips & ideas to feel great after 50. Our recommendations are towards the end of the article.

Self-Care for Women over Fifty – No Guilt!

Let me address another big elephant in the room when it comes to self-care for women over 50…GUILTY PLEASURE…just this weekend I scheduled a massage (one of my primary forms of regular health care) and I found myself trying to keep this from whomever I talked to that day – nope, I didn’t want to let my husband, or my sisters, or my friends, or my kids, know I was getting a massage – they might think I was lazy or how indulgent I was being or maybe thinking what a life of luxury I live.  WHY WHY WHY?? We have to get these thoughts out of our heads.  It doesn’t matter what you do to support yourself and your health care……no one needs to approve or give permission.  Find out what works for you and enjoy, all guilt free. 

Woman in Yoga Pose

It’s easy to fall into the common way of thinking that you can’t afford the time or money to care for yourself – I’m here to tell you that the fact is that you can’t afford not to.

I would love to see your comments below with your self-care practices. If you haven’t already, grab your free Self-Care = Health Care Journey Starter (30 Practices to improve your health + tracker).

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  1. Self-care for me is decompressing after a fast-paced day indoors – getting some fresh air and sunlight and letting my mind wander. On days off, it’s doing something creative or outdoors. I also read your post, “What is Self-Care…” Thank you for pointing out that it’s not the same thing as self-indulgence or self-pampering.

  2. Great read! I agree Self-care is important for all ages as it promotes good health. Meditation, listening to music or even just going for a walk are great choices. Massage as you mentioned is super good too! Thanks for sharing

  3. This is a beautiful read! I’m torn between sending it to my mom because she would enjoy it, & not sending it to my mom because she’s sensitive about her age. 😅 I aspire to be as conscious about my self-love as you are through every chapter of my life. ♡

    1. Definitely send it to your mother – good ideas for her to take care of herself, and hopefully some inspiration for how great midlife can be.

  4. Self care means different things for different people and can be anything from a walk on the beach to yoga or meditation, it’s all about doing what is good for your soul. So, so important! Thanks for sharing this great post!

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