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Hi, I’m Jen!

Hi! I’m Jen Rigley, the Founder and visionary of Flourishing Over Fifty.  I’m so excited that you’ve stopped by for a visit.  I hope you feel like you’ve just taken a seat on my living room couch and are about to embark on a great conversation regarding ALL THE THINGS that all women who’ve lived a life are thinking and dreaming about.

My passion is empowering women of any age to live an inspired, intentional, joyful life.  It’s all there for you – to dream, to hold love in your hands, to have amazing day, to have a great laugh with dear friends, and peace in your heart. But maybe like me, and so many others, you’ve realized that the joy in life has faded. 

Sometimes we need a little support to go after that dream, find that best forever friend, recover the joy.   I’m here to tell you that it’s all there, right in front of you, and among good friends – but you’ll have to put in a little work to find what’s right for you now, what brings you joy, how you want to spend the rest of your life.

That’s what this community is here to help with – let’s rediscover what our dream life is, how to find our joy and live it out loud, with inspiration and intention.

I’m a mom to three beautiful young women, each one finding joy along their own unique journeys, a sister to three women who each in their own way served as inspiration for this community, a wife and a daughter to a very special woman who taught us all so much and is now looking down upon us.  And Oh, I almost forgot..I’m also a management consultant working with both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, so we’ll also be talking career and job search within the community.


Jen Rigley
Jen Rigley

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