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Self-Care Products Under $20

Self Care Bath Items
Self Care Bath Items

Often, we miss out on much of the self-care that we could be practicing because we don’t know where to look, or we don’t have the proper frame of reference to be able to tell what self-care products will actually benefit us. There’s nothing wrong with spending a small or large amount of money on self-care products or services — again, it all depends on the worth of self-care itself to you individually.  

     Here are some inexpensive self-care products to help support your practices.  Most are under $20 although I’ve included a few that are worth a bit more.  You can find direct links on below for convenience but you can find most of these items online or at your local store (if you do purchase through my links I may receive an affiliate payment). 

      If you have a friend who is stressed out or going through some challenges, these are great self-care products to give as a gift.  If you purchase a few at the local store, put into a pretty bag with a personal note – leave on the front door if it’s not a good time for her to host visitors.  So often we don’t know what to do to support a friend but this is a great way to show you care. 

        If you order online, group the self-care products into one order and have them delivered to your friend – you can include a gift message letting her know you are thinking about her – this is great if a friend doesn’t live nearby but you want to support her. 


Self-Care Journaling

      There’s no “one size fits all” for self-care journaling, so I’ve provided some of my friends’ and my favorites so you can see what works best for you.  It may include multiple journals – one for every day and one for a specific need (for example, a Gratitude journal along with The Pillar Life pages.)

Self-care journal— such a journal serves as a tracker of self-care habits and routines for you throughout your self-care journey. On the way, tracking your habits will help you to stay mentally organized, helping you keep your healthy habits and keep yourself away from negative ones. In addition, this journal helps reassure you that, as the cover says, “self-care isn’t selfish”. It’s a part of us that keeps us healthy and happy, so it shouldn’t be discredited or treated as something beneath us or beneath other priorities in our lives.

This is another exercise in journaling your thoughts and progress, but with a bit of a different goal. You can take just about any journal and begin keeping track of your journey in self-care, but this journal is specifically for taking the time out of every day to quickly take a moment and express gratitude. That gratitude can be for someone in  articular, something good that happened to you that day, or for part of yourself which you want to work on or which you’ve seen progress in on your journey. These daily but quick exercises shouldn’t take you more than 1-2 minutes, making them effective but minimal in effort.

This journal is focused on cultivating gratitude every day.

This journal supports a morning and evening ritual of reflection.

Self-Care Spa at Home

      There’s no need to spend a lot of money on a spa day out.  Here are some favorite products that will allow you to create your own spa at home ritual.  How about inviting a friend over??

Salt scrubs have been a trend in self-care for a while, for a good reason. They generally have excellently positive effects and tend to be very affordable for a splurge every now and again. It helps that the color, scent, and general look of the pink salt is aesthetically pleasing.

Face masks like these are super popular right now – for good reason.  The provide quick results and are so easy.  These are very reasonably priced compared to what you might find at the local store. This particular set of products comes with 12 differently scented sheet masks that are easy to apply and remove.

Another face mask option if you prefer to slather it on!

This product, in particular, is one in a trend of massaging equipment that has been popular with people trying to commit to a self-care routine. This product massages your scalp regularly—one of the places where people hold the most stress– and can also be used in the shower or bath to apply shampoo.

This is a wonderful way to treat yourself to a warm, bubbly foot soak when you don’t have the time or money to go to a spa. 

If you haven’t tried these, are you are in for a treat! Your scalp feels so good when massaged with these – they are inexpensive and make great gifts.

This makes a great gift – for yourself or to send to a friend who needs some TLC.

If you want to go all out and tackle those stressful days on a regular basis at home, this shiatsu massager is great – I’ve had mine for years and use it regularly to destress and get the knots out of my back.  This doesn’t fall into the under $20 category but is well worth it and makes a great gift.

Self-Care Yoga and Meditation

Yoga mat – if you don’t have one, it’s worth purchasing to use for stretching, relaxing, yoga at home, etc. – not just for yoga.  Note that yoga mats are thinner and stickier vs other workout mats and it’s an important difference.  These mats will help keep your feet from sliding and also work much better for balance poses vs one that is too thick.

This is not required but is nice to have when heading to the gym or yoga studio, and to store your mat at home.

This are not required but can very helpful to assist with the poses.  It’s a good idea to have 2 of these. The strap is not required but can very helpful to assist with the poses; it can also act as a carrier for your mat.

These are great to help support your back and posture when you are meditating or just taking a few minutes of quiet time. I love mine!

This is a bit more expensive but well worth it to help better support your back for meditation but it is also helpful in any situation where you may need to sit on the floor

Just Sit by Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz—this book is a simple but straightforward guide to meditation and how to get started with the practice. Many of us intend to begin meditating, or start the New Year with the resolution to, which we don’t follow through with. This book is addressing those individuals who might think they don’t have the ability to meditate like professionals who have been doing so their whole lives. Picking up this book and reading it is about as easy as starting meditation. The beginner’s guide for people who know they should meditate but don’t!

You, too can have one of these bowls, also often hailed in other cultures as being able to produce sounds which heal the body, mind, and spirit. It’s not hard to learn how to actually use the singing bowl for yourself, and they don’t take up much space in your home. These small bowls can help you just a bit in your spiritual journey toward self-love and happier living.

Self-Care Aromatherapy

      I love, love, love Aromatherapy.  My favorites scents are citrus (Lemon and Tangarine) for energy, along with Lavender for relaxation.  There are so many options (candles, oils, diffusers) – try them and see what works best for you.  It might be a combination of all of these.  For example, I like to light a lavender candle for the bath, but I use tangerine essential oil as a pick-me up during the day. 

       Many people believe heavily in the mental and emotional benefits of these oils and the positive reaction they can give to you. For example, many essential oil scents offer different benefits. Scents like lavender are shown to promote relaxation and peace, while citrus scents like lemon and orange are shown to promote feelings of excitement, motivation, and happiness.

Radha beauty essential oil pack of 6

Pure Aroma therapuetic-grade gift box set of 6.

PURA D’OR Perfect 10 Essential Oil Wood Box Set – this is a beautiful set and these are organic.

CANDLES – Everyone has their favorites but I’ve included a few here that are more specific to self-care, have overall good reviews and I have enjoyed myself.  Lavender Soy Wax and  Sweet Water Decor Spa Day.  And for a really rough day – Baesic Calm the **** Down.

This is a great way to get started with aromatherapy and essential oils.  There are so many types, sizes, shapes and colors and a large price range.  Innogear has options on the lower end, but if you want to invest in a high quality diffuser that will last a long time, the Vitruvi Stone Ceramic diffuser is a great option.

GloFX white sage bundle of 3—white sage has been hailed by many cultures, including Native Americans, for its healing and calming properties, as well as its ability to cleanse a space or person of negative energies. Lighting the stick of sage and dispersing the smoke like you would for incense smoke helps to lighten up the space and promote good energy in it as well as in yourself.

Unique Self-Care Products

Affirmation Cards

This set of cards seeks to help you help yourself, “without the self-helpyness”. These cards each have self-affirmations on them to use in a pinch or when you don’t have time to complete your normal self-care ritual. If you don’t have the time to put on a face mask or are still feeling stressed or anxious after you’ve completed your normal routine, take out one of the cards and read the affirmation aloud if possible. This can help ease worries and assure you that you can do it, you are worth it, and you are enough in the world. These cards can hopefully help you add a little something to your self-care journey

Inspiration Cards

Mindfulness gift jar of tasks and challenges—This special gift for yourself or for someone else comes with a small jar full of small tasks and challenges you can perform. These tasks can be a variety of things, ranging in difficulty, meant to boost your ability to manage stress and care for yourself throughout the day. You don’t have to do any tasks you don’t feel comfortable with, and you can track your progress throughout the challenges.

I hope you find some great finds withe these products – if you do, let me know how they worked for you!

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