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Lifestyle for Women over Fifty

Lifestyle for women over fifty

Lifestyle for women over fifty encompasses so many fun and interesting parts of life – this is where we can connect on all things:

  • Beauty – who doesn’t need basic skincare and beauty tips – from how to look your best, great products to try, and clean beauty options if you are concerned about what you are putting on your skin
  • Fashion – I’m going to be straight here (and honestly, my friends and family would let you know anyway if I tried to fake it; and well, you’ll see from my photos and videos) – this is not my area of expertise…so I’ll curate some great content from other fashionistas who know what it’s like to dress fashionably after fifty
  • Home – your home should feel like a sanctuary, a place to relax and decompress after a long day, so let’s find simple ways to that, and while we’re doing that, let’s start decluttering!
  • Books – Reading is my favorite activity (yes, boring I know but I can’t help myself!!) so let’s see what books are great reads and share favorites with each other; if you aren’t part of a book club, consider starting one or hosting a virtual book club with long distance friends.
  • Entertainment – Movies, shows, restaurants, favorite entertaining ideas – keep up on what’s hot among our friends, share your favorites.
  • Travel – one of my favorite things to do.
  • The Lake Life – Having a small cottage weekend get-away has been a saving grace in my family’s life and I hope to share some of the lessons and lifestyle tips from the Lake…..and by the way – you don’t need a weekend away to take advantage of these lessons and tips, but booking a weekend away in a quiet spot can make a huge difference in your life.
  • The Environment – Caring about the world we are leaving to our children and grand children is important to me and hopefully important to you too. BUT it seems to hard, to confusing, to time-consuming to figure out What To Do. It’s small, every day activities that can make a big difference so let’s start there.

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