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Health and Wellness for Women over Fifty

Health and Wellness, oh my! Such a big topic with meaning that can and should be unique to each individual. What’s most important is that we all spend time thinking (dare I say dreaming – Yes, I will say it – DREAMING) about what we want our health and wellness to look like as we move through this beautiful middle of life and into our later years. What you DO NOW can greatly impact how you feel THEN.

YOU get to decide what’s right for YOU

What’s so great about this is that YOU get to decide what’s right for YOU. No one is going to tell you what you HAVE TO DO or why what you are doing is THE WRONG THING. Although I have to say I am guilty of being pretty vocal about some of the important things I have learned along the way. I have learned to say “this is what I have learned, this is what works for me, it might work for you, or maybe it won’t work for you.” But let’s be open and willing to try if it’s safe for us.

There are some fundamental concepts that support our overall health and wellness. There are many ways to get there and it’s ok to start with just one small step if that is where you are. And sometimes, kind-of like the past year for me (after my mother fell, was very ill and then transitioned to that better place) where you just need to focus on getting through each day and that’s just fine too.

there will be no guilt

I’m going to say this right up-front: There will be no guilt associated with this topic. Let me say that again: THERE WILL BE NO GUILT ASSOCIATED WITH THIS TOPIC. And now it is your turn: I WILL NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT MY HEALTH AND WELLNESS.

Here are some great topics that we’ll be learning about together in Health and Wellness:

  • Aging Gracefully
  • Fitness and Movement
  • Nutrition (including delish recipes)
  • Mental Health
  • Health Issues

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