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Living The Pillar Life

If you don’t already know Sheri and Nancy, let me be the one to introduce you to one of life’s great pleasures for all of us in this fifty-plus tribe. To be honest, most of what Sheri and Nancy share is great information for anyone, at any age – but I don’t want that secret to spread too far as I love that we have them (mostly) for ourselves, in the Dreamtribe. This Dreamtribe feels like a unique, special group of women that I feel instantly comfortable with. [This is coming from a confirmed extreme introvert that prefers to know someone for about 10 years before sharing any secrets.]

***Update 2020: The Nancy and Sherri show is on hiatus but you can still listen to over 100 episodes.

The DreamTribe

What do I mean by this? The Dreamtribe includes a group of women who I didn’t know personally but was able to stand up in front of (over 500 Dreamtribers) and say out loud “I am a breast cancer survivor” when I had not been able to say those words aloud to anyone, even myself.

This Dreamtribe includes a fabulous woman who I met on day one and ended up sharing a room together starting that evening. I did draw the line at sharing a bed, but still, sharing a room with a stranger – I couldn’t image I would do that.

At the end of this page I’ll provide a link so you can:

  • Peruse their website
  • Get a free download copy of The Pillars
  • Download their podcast The Sheri and Nancy Show (*****Highly Recommend a weekly listen, it’s often a highlight of my week)
  • Check out Nancy’s recipes (would love to hear from you below on what you made)
  • Order Sheri’s book (***highly recommended read – great for your Book Club, or to host your first Book Club gathering)

Once you’ve become familiar with The Pillars – or, ok, you don’t have to really know the Pillars but it helps! this is where I’ll be posting about my own Pillar-related activities along with the rest of our community members. Please post authentically and often, you will be surprised by how many women have similar thoughts or are struggling with the same issue. The most engaged posts are usually those where someone thought to themselves “should I or shouldn’t I post this? it seems too personal, no one will relate…..” OR How embarrassing….

I’m here to tell you that we’ve got your back and we are all struggling with something. Even that friend of yours that seems to have it all. You might be surprised how much that “friend who has it all” likely relates to what you are going through.



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